We manufacture and produce for private clients and ourselves. Here are some samples of our best selling products that we can
supply you with. The possibilities are endless and if we do-not have the product already made we can always go into tooling
creating a unique design custom designed for your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information on what we stock.
Our pest control range has grown during the years, ranging from the market leading REDTOP brand right through to local
insect repellent Onguard. All these products are available for both local and international markets, feel free to go the brand 
website below or to email us for more information and prices.

Interior Architecture
Rain Guage
Garden Hand Tools

Coke Ice Tray
Polony Cap
Rural Geyser
Grip Overlay Tray

Disposable cup
Mouse Bait Station
Bird Deterrent
Rat Bait Station

PVC Flooring
Leaf Skimmer
Cellphone Display Stand
Pool Cleaner
Drawing Equipment

Geo Bins
Inline FIlter
Coffee-pod Stand
Bottle Carier
Mechanical Housings

Building Hawke
Rhino Horn
Bottle Caps
Security Keys

Measuring Belt
Bed Legs
Stackable Bins
Lunch Boxes

Suction Systems
Steralising Bottles

Pencil Case
Promotional Bottles
Milk Bottles
Rugby Ice Tray


Other products and their websites we do which are not injection molded plastic related.