The face of Miller Methods is our team who deals with the public. Under the skilled guidance of Magesh Morgan
and managing member Roy Miller. The core of our factory lies in the manufacturing of injection molded 
parts, For this our production team is most capable due to the leadership of Ernest Nyambi. Redtop Flycatchers
put us on the map, and we could not have grown all these years without our REDTOP team, run by Mr. Mishak Khoza .
Our always growing team of tool and die makers, are highly skilled.


Roy Miller
Owning Member
Magesh Morgan
General Manager
Farai Mapenzauswa
HR Manager
Ernest Nyambi
Factory Manager
Mishak Khoza
Head of Redtop
Jabu Dwanes
Storeroom Manager
Alvira Morton
Front of House
Tresa Madibana
Assembly & Packaging


Our products are sold worldwide, with both local and international connections.
Shipping containers around the world monthly, contact us to find about your area.

We are the proud winners of ‘Exporter of the year 2008' for the Gauteng region, and have received a number of awards 
over the years. The below mentioned are only a few of the best articles and awards we have in our collection. Here at 
Miller Methods, we have dedicated most of our career on upholding values and moral standards. It is always a great
honour to be recognised for our standards in this ever changing and growing industry. 


Visionary Awards Finalist 2013

Medium Business of the Year
2011 South African Finalist

SA Plastics, November 2010

Metal Working news, 2010

ABSA Jewish Achiever
Non-Listed Business
Awards nominee of 2009



Pest Magazine 2011

Export South Africa, 2008

Business Day, August 2008

SA Plastics, February 2009
World's Largest Vuvuzela Producers 

Financial Mail, October 2006

The Redtop FlyTrap - Around Your Home


The Redtop FlyTrap - Around Your Farm

Vuvuzella production in Miller Factory


Polony Cap for Tiger Brands

Redtop Hungarian Advert


Vertibloom Wallgarden

Redtop Flycatchers


Stackable Bins for Everstack

Everlid food containers for Hallmark


Some humour about our vuvuzela success